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Since 1991, we’ve carried out successful personal injury claims for over 20,000 claimants. Take Joy Smith for an example. Aged 84, Joy was shopping with her daughter Sarah in a store in Hertfordshire when she followed Sarah through two automatic doors, only for the automatic doors to close on her.

Poor Joy was knocked down by the closing doors, and struck her head on the ground. An internal bleed in her head resulted in epilepsy, a debilitating, lifelong condition.

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2014-11-11 05:45:08

Help at hand

Joy’s daughter got in touch with us while her mother’s tests and treatment were still underway. We supported Joy and her daughter, obtaining witness statements and presenting her claim to the store where the accident happened.

As can sometimes happen, the claim was hotly contested, and lasted for over two years. But we didn’t back down – the store was forced to accept liability and agreed to compensate Joy for her injury.

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2014-11-11 05:46:19

High damages awarded

It might have been a long fight, but it was worth it. The £70,000 we recovered for Joy helped her cope with the ever-present risk of epileptic seizures. We had offered Joy a no win, no fee arrangement, so she hadn’t funded any of our work.

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