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Personal injury success rates are important. Many competitor claims do not stand up to scrutiny.

Claims of 80% or 90% success rates are misleading. It’s what our competitors fail to say that tells the true story. For example, anyone can claim to have a 100% success rate if they manipulate the figures.

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2014-12-18 22:27:56

Success rates 90%

We took a random sample of cases opened at our offices between 1st and 25th October 2012. This sample consisted of 54 files of various categories and was thus large enough to give worthwhile statistics. In the Road Accidents category, we succeeded in 91% of the cases we started, ranging from a car driver, a car passenger, a motorcyclist or a cyclist being involved in the accident. In the Accidents at Work category, 90% of all files led to eventual success.

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2014-12-18 22:28:00

Court proceedings

Sometimes insurance companies force us to start court proceedings because either they deny liability or make low offers. In cases which had to be taken to court, we were successful in 90% of cases.

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