Injured at work

It’s your employer’s job to provide a safe environment for you to work in. If you’ve had an accident at work, you are likely to be able to claim compensation for your injuries as well as all related losses.

Speaking to an experienced workplace accident lawyer at an early stage is vital because necessary evidence may not be available for very long. Witnesses who may be willing to assist on the day of the accident or within the next few days may become less willing once your employer has spoken to them. Likewise, documentation needs to be completed at your workplace, which will greatly increase your chances of success.

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 Safety helmet, glasses, gloves and earmuffs

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Demonstrating fault

Your employer is legally required to meet safety standards, provide adequate safety training and ensure that equipment is safe to use. Working with you, we’ll do all we can to show that they did not meet these requirements, resulting in your accident.

To give us all the tools we need, make sure you keep all documents relating to the accident, the names of any witnesses, and receipts of any costs incurred because of your injury.