Accident on the road?

If your car was damaged in an accident, you would hold the culprit and their insurance company responsible for the repair costs. Why wouldn’t you treat yourself with the same regard? Drivers and passengers who are the innocent victims of road accidents are entitled to claim compensation for their injuries.

The compensation you may receive will cover your medical expenses, loss of income, loss of potential future income, and of course compensation for the pain, suffering and inconvenience you have experienced.

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What to do at the scene of a crash

As soon as you are involved in an accident, you need to take the following steps, regardless of who was at fault. Stop and remain at the scene for a reasonable period of time. Give the following information to the other driver and get the same back from them: name and address of driver and (if different) owner of vehicle, name and policy number of each other’s insurance companies, and registration number.

If the other party is reluctant to provide any of those details, you are advised to contact the police. They may well be committing the criminal offences of failing to stop and failing to report. The penalty for these offences includes a maximum fine of £5,000.