Recovering from a motorbike crash

Ask any motorcyclist the most important factor in their choice of lawyer following a crash, and they will invariably tell you they want a representative who rides a motorbike and will fight their corner.

Such claims bring many special requirements significantly different to claims by motorists and pedestrians. We deliver a specialist service for these special cases like yours.

 A motorcyclist on the road

2014-11-11 04:34:25

Making a claim

The compensation claim you file with us could result in a large financial payout for you. It will take into account the injury itself, any psychological trauma, the cost of rehabilitation and care, and the loss of earnings of you and anyone who has had to look after you.

To make the best claim we can, we need all the documentation and evidence you have. Keep all reports, photos and receipts, and give us the names of witnesses to the accident if you can.