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Protecting the next generation

Child injury claims need to be handled with particular compassion and sensitivity.

It’s particularly important to avoid lengthy court battles and processes.

We deal with such claims using staff with special training in child claims and with a wealth of experience built up over more than 30 years.

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 A child looking upset, her parents arguing behind her

2014-11-11 04:51:11

Injured by parents

Are you yourself under 18? If your injury is due to neglect or direct action from your parents or another primary carer, we’ll do all we can to get you the compensation you deserve. Even if you have now recovered, you could get compensation for the distress and potential loss of future earnings.

Once you turn 18, you will have 3 more years to make your compensation claim. As such, we can help you with a child injury claim up until you turn 21.

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2014-11-11 04:52:40

Accidents involving children

  • Car accidents
  • Accidents whilst crossing the road
  • Accidents in school
  • Accidents in clubs
  • Child abuse
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