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Did you know that injury compensation isn’t just for the injury itself? The money you’re entitled to covers your pain, distress and anxiety, as well as any loss of earnings, damage to possessions and expenses incurred in adjusting to your injury.

If you’ve had to take a lower-paying job or had to install disability aids, we can recover the costs.

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Some solicitors will try to entice you to pursue a claim with them by offering what appear to be better terms. The reality is that by charging less, they’ll recover less. We charge the correct amount which allows us to offer a first class service without cutting any corners, giving you the best chance of winning the highest possible award.

On average, a competitor charging 25% will recover £3,000. On average, we recover £6,000, leaving you about 60% better off after payment of our fees.

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Financial security

Not all claims are certain to win, and we understand that you don’t want to spend if you might not get anything back. That’s why we are no win, no fee solicitors, so you won’t lose a penny if your case doesn’t succeed.

We also carry professional insurance of £4,000,000, about double the average, meaning that you are totally secure whatever the size of your claim.

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